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St. Thomas Kindergarten

St. Thomas kindergarten is the heart and soul of St. Thomas High School. It is a Home Away From Home for the kiddies giving them the most homely and enjoyable stay.  The love, care, and attention they receive at the hands of their teachers make them so happy that they did feel like missing their mothers.

Growing up aims at holistic development, so it is important for the kids to have their own world filled with their favourite sights, sounds, and tastes where they can have fun, relaxation and learning. We promise to help them feel comfortable when they arrive here.

Quality education based on the basic values of life forms the foundation of our curriculum where children learn a lot through observation and activities.  St. Thomas kindergarten opens the window for the little ones to explore the world of knowledge in its variety.  Training is given to the children to become independent and self-reliant.  Special focus is given to nurturing good manners and etiquette and also in developing social skills.  The classes are colorful and attractive with audio-visual aids that make learning more interesting.  Recreation is provided to the children through dance classes, exercises, and outings in our own park with different apparatus which are good for the growth and muscle coordination of the children.

Admission Procedure

The process of admission to Kindergarten usually starts in February. Admission will be confirmed only after the meeting of the parent and the ward with the Principal. On confirmation of admission, parents will be required to submit a copy of the Birth Certificate of the student and the Copy of Aadhar.

Age of Admission

NurseryBetween 2.½ years to 3.½ years as on 1st June of the year
LKGBetween 3.½ years to 4.½ years as on 1st June of the year
UKGBetween 4.½ years to 5.½ years as on 1st June of the year

School Hours

09:30 am to 03:15 pm