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Examination & Promotion

  1. The school conducts the test, terminal and annual examinations. Report of the examinations will be sent to the parents and they are requested to examine and sign them in time.
  2. Pupils who is absent from the examination, except for genuine reason will be considered failed in the examination concerned.
  3. Perfect order and discipline should be maintained during examinations. Any kind of malpractice in the examination will lead to serving punishment including expulsion from the school.
  4. A pupil who fails twice in the same class will be asked to leave the school.
  5. Pupils may not be allowed to appear for their examination unless the fees have been paid up to date and the progress reports duly signed by parents.
  6. Even a boy/girl who repeats a class for the first time has to leave the school if there is no vacancy in the class or if he/ she is overaged.
  7. No permission will be granted to take half-day leave during the unit test days.
  8. Promotion shall be made to the next higher class on the basis of pupil total performance as assessed by periodical tests and final examinations. It is, therefore, every essential that students appear in all examinations.
  9. The results once declared are final and cannot be reconsidered and answer papers of the final exams will not be shown as well.
  10. If a student is absent for any unit test, examinations, re-examination will not be conducted.
  11. No examination will be taken either before or after the scheduled time.
  12. Examinations are sacred and approach them with sincerity. If not, dishonest students will be dismissed.