Ø A warm, intellectually stimulating ambience that encourages learning through creative play.

Ø A wide range of physical activities that develop basic motor skills.

Ø Healthy peer group interaction.

Ø Celebrating Colour concept days

Ø Fostering communication ability and concepts through language activities and     numerical skills.

Ø Acquiring moral values, good habits and a positive self image.

Ø Encouraging closeness with nature and the power of observation.

Ø Creating aesthetic awareness through music, dance, art & craft.

Ø Using role-play and fantasy for stimulating the imagination and developing emotional     maturity.

Ø Working closely with parents to effect a smooth transition from the home to the outside world.

Ø Providing a team of enthusiastic, trained teachers who interact closely with the children and give them the love and security they need.

Updated on: 11 Oct 2016